Tips On Rental Property Management

The spring season is approaching, and most of the things people will be doing are cleaning, cutting grass, planting trees, among many other property management activities. People need to know how they should deal with the rain and wind that is about to come their way; sometimes it is the most challenging thing to do, while in other times, it seems easy, especially when one knows what to do to particular properties.

However, as the weather and season get better, most property owners get ready for the rental season they can’t avoid. Each spring season looks and feels different every time, and therefore the rush and preparation sometimes do not look professional, especially when it comes to painting and power washing. The two activities mentioned are the primary way of maintaining a property, especially rental property. Therefore you are required to do it perfectly from the first time you are in.

Painting is the most expensive activity every year for rental property management. Therefore if it is done the wrong way, one might find that they have wasted up to ten-figure on painting. Improper painting might result from using the wrong paint or painting the wrong designs, and therefore every property owner needs to be careful about this. It could be better to some essential tips that will save you from overspending while doing exterior painting in your rental property:

Use quality materials

When getting into this, the first thing to consider is using high-quality materials within your budget. The cost of painting or maintenance materials will always be different based on their quality, thus ensure that you ask, research, or even get recommendations of the best materials and labour for applying the maintenance tips you have in mind.

Consider your current needs.

This applies to interior painting; when doing this, consider your needs seriously. People who have been rental property owners know that the interior space needs more attention than the exterior space. If it’s your first time, take your time and clearly understand what you need. Areas with more damage are always the walls, doors, hallways, and bathrooms. Moreover, when the property seems to be more delicate, you should ensure that it is handled gently; as you do this, you should remember that it can be through elementary mistakes that one is likely to ruin the most expensive properties. Be careful with the people you hire for the purpose.

Choose damage-resistant materials

Based on the place you are painting, you should always choose damage-resistant materials. When dealing with walls, choose a coating that does not easily get damaged through scuffing, such as ceramic coating that ensures it cannot quickly wear off or fade. Going for the extra high-quality coating, you are likely to get better insulation, something most people are looking for, making them cost-effective. Most manufacturers consider making different features in these products, and thus before you buy any of them, consider asking which one gives you precisely what you need at the moment. Remember, there is always something for everyone in the market, and if you do not find what favours you, consider doing intensive research until you get it right. Moreover, every wall painting product requires different craft; ensure you can get that before looking for the product.

Be keen on newly constructed houses.

Today, houses are constructed differently from what we used to know earlier; you will find that interior walls and ceiling are painted considering a specific fashion or design that is unique and should be adhered to. Most of them are done in a drywall compound that is simpler to produce compared to achieving a smoother wall or ceiling. To minimize labour costs consider using knockdown coat finishes which can perfectly go in hand with eggshell, seamless, or satin paints.

On trim, consider wall attributes.

When painting the trim, it is better to look for similar attributes like the walls, but the finish you will use here needs to be slightly shinier such as high gross urethane. They are many in the market, but your supplier will help you to determine the exact thing you need for your purpose quickly. However, avoid oil coatings for they will not work well with ceramic walls; however, as time goes, they will stop being manufactured, thus being out of the market.

Purchase enough paints

It is better to ensure that you purchase enough paint in any rental property management project. It is advisable to buy a two-year paint for your projects; this is ideal to ensure you are covered and save you a lot of money. Once you have ordered the paint, you should have them mixed in one container and properly store them for the projects. Buy enough paint for touch up and if you don’t do this, make sure you remember the exact colour and product. The final appearance will be spotted if the finish has some subtle differences.

Be smart

Maintenance projects are meant to protect property from the sun, moisture, and mould damage; your primary concern should be on the quality of materials and labour you purchase for the purpose. Therefore for most exterior projects, ensure that you apply the same rules to purchase your materials and labour. A simple mistake here will lead you to repeatedly paint the same walls without progress which will be costly and time-consuming. Therefore in this, ensure that the painting you will be doing will have your property covered for five to ten years before you do another painting. Thus this calls for smartness and carefulness.

Check the warranty

Every product has a different warranty period covering different sections; for instance, the ceramic coatings, which are considered the best, have warranties covering products and labour. Remember, the application is always expensive, and thus you should choose materials that offer a good warranty as most of these quality products expire after five years. An extended warranty means high quality and features such as less thermal expansion, trim, and other desirable qualities. It would be best if you considered many things on warranties; it might be tough to decide on your own and thus essential to ask your store. Sometimes the painter you choose for the projects helps one choose the best and long warranty products for their projects. Therefore, in this case, you do not have to worry when you have the best professional for the purpose.

Consider caulking

Lastly, keep in mind caulking; if the caulking is done the wrong way, then there are possibilities that you will experience increased mould and rot damages. This is the thing that most people ignore, but if it decides to destroy your property, it will be the most challenging thing for you. To avoid any other future problems on your property, it is advisable to use the best caulking methods and ensure it is done to perfection. The exterior parts are delicate and can easily get damaged due to their exposed conditions; doing best caulking will reduce the damages likely to occur and make your life easier.


These tips are essential in ensuring that any rental property management projects homeowners think of are well taken care of. Moreover, they ensure that you spend less in the process, but the final results you get will be of more excellent value than you expected. Research more and understand what you should do to interior and exterior home maintenance.