TBIMS Research

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National Database

The TBI Model Systems National Database

Some patients who enter the Brain Injury Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston and Spaulding Hospital Cambridge are eligible to anonymously contribute their data to the TBI model systems research database. The objective of this project is to build a repository of data that will aid future TBI patients, as well as their families and clinicians. Researchers from all across the nation conduct studies using the information housed in this database.


Neuroimaging Study

Looking for Consciousness: A Novel Functional Neuroimaging Approach for Detection of Visual Cognition in Patients with Severe TBI and Disorders of Consciousness

Researchers at Spaulding, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital are investigating a brain scanning procedure designed to detect consciousness in people who have difficulty following commands and communicating.


Outcomes Module

Development of an Extended Measure of Global Function to Support Clinical Trials Originating in Acute Rehabilitation

This is a "modular" project in which many Model Systems hospitals collaborate. Dr. John Whyte, MD, PhD, from Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute and Dr. Joseph Giacino, PhD, from the Spaulding/Harvard Model System are the Co-Principal Investigators for this project.



Cognitive Testing in the TBI Model Systems (TBIMS)

This is a "modular" project in which many Model Systems hospitals collaborate. The goal of this study is to test the neuropsychological assessment tool called Brief Test of Adult Cognition by Telephone (BTACT).


Internet Use

Internet Use and Online Social Participation among Individuals with TBI

Researchers at Spaulding, in collaboration with other Model Systems hospitals from across the nation, are investigating internet usage after TBI. 


Statins and Outcome after TBI: An Observational Study

This is a "modular" project in which many Model Systems hospitals collaborate. This study will do a retrospective analysis to investigate if there is any correlation between the cholesterol-lowering drug Statins and neuroprotective benefits.


Other TBI Research at Spaulding


Other TBI Research at Spaulding