Educational Information About Traumatic Brain Injury

Educational Information About Traumatic Brain Injury





Anatomy of a Brain Injury: How the Brain Works

Presented by Mel Glenn, MD

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

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Marilyn Spivack, founder of the Brain Injury Association of America and Neurotrauma Outreach Coordinator at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, provides an in-depth look at life for family members and loved ones during recovery from brain injury. 

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Educational Hand-Outs

TBIMS Educational Information Packet for Patients and their Families



Please click the links below to download more PDFs about TBI and recovery:

        Understanding TBI Part 1: What happens to the brain during injury and in early stages of recovery?

        Understanding TBI Part 2: Brain Injury Impact on an Individual's Functioning

        Understanding TBI Part 3: The recovery process

        Understanding TBI Part 4: Brain injury's impact on families and what they can do to help with recovery  

        Acute inpatient rehabilitation        


Please follow the links below to download PDFs about life after TBI:


Alcohol and TBI Powerpoint

Alcohol Use After TBI

Balance Problems and TBI

Cognitive Problems

Emotional Problems

Sexuality after TBI

Sleep and TBI

Spasticity after TBI

Substance Abuse After a Brain Injury

Depression After TBI

Depression After a Brain Injury




Returning to School


Vision after TBI

Memory and TBI

Relationships after TBI

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The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) summarizes research, identifies health information needs, and develops systems for sharing information for the NIDRR model systems programs in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and burn injury.



Additional Educational Materials (PDFs):

Concussion Brochure

Vegetative States and Minimally Conscious States

Simplified Brain-Behavior Relationships